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Ace Trivia Answers:

By ycd Comments Off on Ace Trivia Answers:

1. Since the installation of the Instrument Landing System, Nanaimo Airport’s weather reliability is now at: d. Over 99% That’s right, with the enhancements, Nanaimo Airport is as reliable as any other regional airport. So no more need to worry about the weather. 2. When traveling from Nanaimo Airport you can reach which destinations: c. […]




Winter Sun Here We Come

By laurie Comments Off on Winter Sun Here We Come

Are you planning a getaway to the sun this winter?  Winter getaways to Mexico, Caribbean and Hawaii are very popular with Central Island Residents.  Did you know you can take those same great vacations right from the Nanaimo Airport?  No, we are not announcing direct charter flights to sun destination – but we have the […]