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More Than a Terminal Name

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Although the Nanaimo Airport was established in 1942 and the Nanaimo Airport Commission was incorporated in 1990 as a not-for profit authority, the aviation history of the area dates back much further thanks to flying Ace Raymond Collishaw.  In fact, the terminal building was named for this Nanaimo born hero in 1999. For those that don’t […]




Our Future Pilots

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Have you ever wondered what motivates someone to become a pilot or to get involved in the aviation industry?  For many it’s a life-long passion, something kindled through an activity such as joining the Air Cadets.  Through this program, every cadet has a chance to participate in flight activities, and some top senior cadets may […]




Ace Trivia Answers:

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1. Since the installation of the Instrument Landing System, Nanaimo Airport’s weather reliability is now at: d. Over 99% That’s right, with the enhancements, Nanaimo Airport is as reliable as any other regional airport. So no more need to worry about the weather. 2. When traveling from Nanaimo Airport you can reach which destinations: c. […]