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Staff Listings

The airport is managed by the following staff members: President & CEO, Business Systems Manager, Equipment, Facilities & Maintenance Manager, Safety & Security Manager, Manager of Marketing, Safety & Security Officer, Office Administrator, Environmental Data Specialist, Customer Care Advisor, Airport Technicians and Customer Care Representatives.

The Nanaimo Airport Management Team is assisted by numerous contractors and consultants.


Representative Title Telephone E-mail
Mike Hooper President / CEO 250-245-4191 mhooper@nanaimoairport.com
Don Goulard Manager of Operations 250-245-2157, ext. 316 dgoulard@nanaimoairport.com
Reg Brady Manager of Equipment, Facilities & Maintenance 250-924-2157, ext.242 250-616-8308 rbrady@nanaimoairport.com
Doug Fern Manager of Safety & Security 250-924-2157, ext.245 dfern@nanaimoairport.com
Sandra Petryk Manager of Marketing & Community Engagement 250-245-2157, ext.315 spetryk@nanaimoairport.com
Jeff Sandford Business Systems Manager 250-924-2157, ext.318 JSandford@nanaimoairport.com
Clint Babcock Safety & Security Officer (Parking Inquiries) 250-924-2157, ext.256 cbabcock@nanaimoairport.com
Brandon Wiebe Operations Supervisor 250-924-2157, ext 311 bwiebe@nanaimoairport.com
Janelle Raddatz Office Administrator 250-245-2157, ext.300 jraddatz@nanaimoairport.com
Laurie Hawthornthwaite Customer Care Advisor 250-924-2157, ext.261 lhawthornthwaite@nanaimoairport.com
Debra Cross Accounting Clerk 250-245-2157, ext.314 dcross@nanaimoairport.com
Owen Burt Airport Technician 250-245-2160 oburt@nanaimoairport.com
Megan Low Operations Administrator 250-924-2157, ext.311 mlow@nanaimoairport.com
Tiffany Braun Customer Service Representative 250-924-2157, ext.261 customercare@nanaimoairport.com
Carolyn Seriani Customer Service Representative 250-924-2157, ext.261 customercare@nanaimoairport.com