Weekly Arrivals


Schedule of Arrivals

Arrivals – Effective Sept 1, 2017
Flight # Origin Arrival Time Days of Flights
AC8257 Vancouver 7:42am Everyday
AC8259 Vancouver 10:52am Sunday-Friday
AC8263 Vancouver 1:57am Everyday
AC8271 Vancouver 4:02pm Everyday
AC8265 Vancouver 7:23pm Everyday
AC8267 Vancouver 9:22pm Everyday
AC8269 Vancouver 11:34pm Everyday
Arrivals – Effective  June 19, 2017
Flight # Origin Arrival Time Days of Flights
AC8273 Calgary 11:35am Everyday

* Flight schedules subject to seasonal change. For current flight status go to the Air Canada Web site.


Arrivals – Effective   May 1 , 2017
Flight # Origin Arrival Time Days of Flights
3109 Calgary 10:10am Everyday
3103 Calgary 10:23pm Everyday

Island Express Air

Arrivals – Effective Feb 12, 2016
Flight # Origin Arrival Time Days of Flights
400 Abbotsford 7:00am Mon-Fri
400 Abbotsford 8:00am Sat-Sun
404 Abbotsford 3:30pm Sat-Sun
404 Abbotsford 4:30pm Mon-Fri
450 Boundary Bay 7:10am Mon-Fri
450 Boundary Bay 8:10am Sat-Sun
454 Boundary Bay 3:40pm Sat-Sun
454 Boundary Bay 4:40pm Mon-Fri
500 Victoria 7:40am Mon-Fri
500 Victoria 8:40am Sat-Sun
504 Victoria 4:10pm Sat-Sun
504 Victoria 5:10pm Mon-Fri
800 Vancouver 7:30am Mon-Fri
800 Vancouver 8:30am Sat-Sun
804 Vancouver 4:00pm Sat-Sun
804 Vancouver 5:00pm Mon-Fri

* Weekend and Holiday flight times and routings are subject to change, depending on weather and passenger volumes. Please call 12-24 hours prior to flight to confirm exact flight times.