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A Travel Policy Shift

September 15th, 2011 by sandra

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Dave Petryk catching up on email before his flight

It’s no small task promoting Vancouver Island as one of the world’s top travel destinations. Each year Dave Petryk and his staff at Tourism Vancouver Island fly to 30 consumer and trade shows around the globe to spread the word.

The switch to easier business travel

In the past, Dave’s team would depart from Vancouver International Airport September through April, when weather affected reliability at Nanaimo Airport (YCD). But now, with YCD’s recent upgrades, they can fly from Nanaimo in any season.

So in spring 2011 they made the switch. Tourism Vancouver Island team now depart from Nanaimo Airport year-round.

Convenience & cost savings

No more leaving a day early in order to catch a morning flight. No more budgeting for airport hotel rooms. No more wasted hours on the ferry. Now the team is making better use of its time and money. Their quality of life has improved now that they’re spending less time away from home.

Dave can leave his house and be checked in 25 minutes later. When he comes home from a business trip, flying into Nanaimo Airport means he can hit his bed sooner.

All about the in-bound

In Dave’s business, easy access to the island can make or break tourism stats. He needs to convince potential visitors from Europe, Asia and elsewhere how easy it is to get here.

Reliable year-round service at Nanaimo Airport allows him to do that. It helps him sell Nanaimo, an hour drive from Victoria or three from Tofino, as the island’s best place to arrive.