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Affordable and Hassle free!

March 13th, 2013 by ycd

Nanaimo Airport staff is just like everyone else when it comes to booking travel – looking for the best option to maximize their budgets. Our Marketing Manager, Sandra Petryk, has just booked a trip and shares her story.

“We’re heading down south to golf for a couple of weeks and plan to fly in and out of Los Angeles,” shares Petryk. “ We love the convenience of flying from YCD so I checked those fares first. “

To ensure the YCD fare was competitive, she also checked fares out of Comox , Victoria, Vancouver Seattle and Bellingham. But once she added in the additional travel costs to get to those airports and the inconvenience of the added travel time, flying from Nanaimo was the best option.

“I got excited when I first saw the fares from Bellingham and Seattle. But my excitement faded when I started adding up the real cost,” explains Petryk “All in all the super cheap air fare was actually going to cost about the same as going from Nanaimo but with a whole lot more stress, coordination and extra time away from either work or the vacation. I booked our flights from Nanaimo and that means we will be 10 minutes from home when we return and I only have to leave work an hour before we fly out.“

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