Air Services  

Our team works closely with existing and new airlines to maximize marketing opportunities and support growth of our airline partners.

Through a partnership approach, the YCD team works closely with tourism and industry partners to support air service development, with the aim of delivering strong and innovative initiatives, including cooperative marketing, to support the successful launch and sustainability of air services.

YCD Catchment Area

Service Area

The Nanaimo Airport is well positioned to meet the growing needs of local communities.

The airport’s primary service area illustrated on the map includes a population greater than 253,000.  The greater service area includes the Regional Districts of Comox-Strathcona and Mount Waddington for an additional population base of 150,000.

YCD Operations

The Nanaimo Airport is certified for use by commercial air carriers in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulation 705. The airport is open for air traffic twenty-four hours a day.

Nanaimo Airport is classified as an airport of entry by NAV Canada and is staffed by the Canada Border Services.

Runway 16/34 Data

Length & Width: 6602′ x 150′

Surface: paved

Aerodrome Elevation: 92′

Aerodrome Reference Point: N49 03′ 16.38″ W123 52’14.40″

Lighting: High intensity approach and edge lights

Safety Culture

In keeping with our priority of safety for all who use our airport, we use trend analysis to reduce risks through our Safety Management System. This system’s rigorous requirements help us detect and reduce safety hazards in our daily operations. Our staff and on-site partners and contractors have received training in our Safety Management System and are instructed to be vigilant in identifying safety issues, regardless of how large or small they may be, and to report issues immediately.

Ground Handling

We are a small and decided team at YCD and would be willing to work with you to find solutions to all your service requirements.  Currently two ground handlers offer services at YCD.



YCD Maintenance & Response Service

 Airfield maintenance is carried out by staff and contractors. Our airport-owned heavy equipment includes:

  • Front end loader with snow blower attachment.
  • Two single-axle plow trucks and plows.
  • Two runway sweepers.
  • Liquid de-icer and solids de-icer spreaders.

The Airport is also equipped with two Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles which are manned by a team of trained professionals in the event of on-site emergencies. The ARFF vehicles use high-powered turrets to pump water, foam or dry chemical to extinguish any fire that occurs. These units allow for a timely initial response while awaiting arrival of off-airport fire departments.