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Change of Faces on NAC Board

August 2nd, 2012 by laurie

L to R: Joe Burnett, Russ Burke and Michael Kandert

There are a number of new faces at the board table of the Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC), due to the structured rotation of the positions. Russ Burke succeeds long time Chair, Jerry Pink.

Two newly appointed Directors also joined the NAC. Joe Burnett is the Town of Ladysmith nominee and Michael Kandert is the City of Nanaimo nominee for three-year terms.

“Our Nominating Committee has been working hard over the past couple of months reviewing the list of nominees provided by the two entities and interviewing the finalists.  Using a skills matrix, the Committee has looked to match the talents and experience of the nominees to the Board’s requirements to ensure strong depth on the board”, says Jerry Pink, Past Chair of NAC.

Burnett’s experience with the RDN, who retired after two terms as Director for Electoral Area ‘A’ , will be invaluable.  Kandert’s extensive business and management experience at Canadian and international airports, particularly in lands, leasing and development will be utilized as the NAC focuses on the needs of the airport community and responsible airport asset development.

Burke and Burnett took their seats at the board table following the AGM in March.  Kandert’s appointment was confirmed at the June board meeting.  “The process to select the City of Nanaimo representative took a bit longer than expected, explains Burke.  We interviewed a large number of nominees in our quest for a balanced board, best suited to achieve our strategic goals and engage the airport community.”

The Commission is comprised of up to nine Directors and a past Chair, all appointed by the Commission.  The balance of the 2012 board members include: John Craig; Al Tully; Ray Gauthier; Dixon Kenny; and Lucie Gosselin.

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