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Community Efforts Pay Off

August 8th, 2014 by laurie

Often when locals think of airports, they think of where those planes can take them. Although that is a key function of any airport, the reality is an airport like Nanaimo also allows travel options for people to visit our amazing island.

In July the Nanaimo Airport has been busier than ever – not only with the ongoing increase of passenger numbers using the schedule services but also through the support of two major events.

In partnership with the Nanaimo Flying Club and Tourism Nanaimo, the Nanaimo Airport hosted about 70 planes for the Century Flights, Flight Across Canada conference July 12 -17.   This conference included over two hundred delegates and generated an estimated $1 million of tourism value to our community.

The Nanaimo Airport team worked with the event planners for months in advance to ensure that the increase in aircraft activity could be hosted in a safe and efficient way.  The feedback from the group has been amazing, including, “Nanaimo was the absolutely best Convention ever. The Flying Club and Airport did an outstanding job.”

With all 70 Century Flights aircraft still parked on the in-field, the charter flights for the Summer Games began arriving on the evening of July 16. For this event the Nanaimo Airport team had been working with the several teams including Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, the BC Summer Games Staff and volunteers over the past 4 months.   Air Canada Jazz has been a long time partner of the game.

“It was amazing to see the plan in action,” says Mike Hooper, President and CEO of the Nanaimo Airport. “At one point we had a 737, a CRJ and a Dash 8 all parked on the apron, delivering the young athletes to our City.” In total there were over 40 aircraft movements combined for Air Canada Jazz charters on July 16 and July 20 moving the athletes.

“It was a true community effort to make both the events such a success,” states Hooper. “Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved for their hard work and commitment.



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