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Connecting Communities With All Aspects of Life

August 13th, 2013 by laurie

Connections. That’s what Nanaimo Airport provides for central Vancouver Island. And with the launch in June of WestJet Encore’s daily non-stop service to Calgary, YCD is enhancing connections in every aspect of life: with family and friends, with tourists, with investors, with potential home buyers, and with employers.

“It’s a blessing,” say Wilf Richard of Canadian Property Investment, the firm building the nearby multi-million-dollar Oceanview Golf Resort & Spa development.

“The airport expansion was critical in our decision making,” he adds, since the resort will be marketed to potential buyers around the world – buyers and visitors, Richard notes, who now have easier access to the entire central Island.

The new direct flight also benefits him personally, cutting his travel time to Nanaimo from his home in Calgary substantially. “In the development business, time is money.”

Time is also critical to families looking to connect with relatives. And that’s why Ladysmith’s Patti Parton was among the large crowd at the airport eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first WestJet flight.

Her sister was flying in for a visit from Calgary. “It’s going to be great. I’m thrilled about it,” Parton says of the new service.

Frequent fliers Mike and Ivana Foley, of Cassidy, are looking forward to simplified travel plans for future vacations. They’ve been to Europe three times in the last five years, and have much more of the world to see.

“I’ve been waiting for this for years,” Mike says of the airline expansion. “It’s a nice direct route,” adds Ivana.

That’s also the appeal for Nanaimo’s Denis Perreault, who sees an opportunity to reduce the long hours he often spends in congested airports while travelling for his employment. His work takes him anywhere from northern B.C. to Toronto, which usually means a stop in the Vancouver Airport. Now he can fly through the smaller Calgary airport, which relieves a lot of his travelling stress.

“I would definitely jump on that,” he says.




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