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Nanaimo Airport Welcomes FedEx Express

March 5th, 2014 by laurie

Delivery from your favorite online shopping site just got a bit simpler, thanks to the latest expansion at the Nanaimo Airport.  Since February 10, FedEx Express started daily flight service to the Nanaimo Airport using their Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft.  “Even though FedEx has been offering service in our region for a long time, all their shipments came over on the ferry or up the highway from Victoria,” shares Mike Hooper, President and CEO of Nanaimo Airport.  “By having FedEx servicing Nanaimo directly, it allows them to expand their pick up and drop off windows in not only Nanaimo, but also Port Alberni, Campbell River, Courtenay, Comox, and surrounding areas.”

Although other courier flights into the Nanaimo Airport have been taking place for year with Purolator and smaller courier companies, the decision by FedEx to begin direct service is great news for the region.  President of FedEx Canada, Lisa Lisson, indicated in January, “North Vancouver Island is an important regional business hub, with a strong small business sector and a growing high-tech industry. The introduction of a daily FedEx Express flight to Nanaimo Illustrates our commitment to this region and our ongoing determination of maintain our competitive advantage for our customers.”

This commitment means new jobs and more economic value to our region, without an increase in noise for the airport neighbours.   A strong airport is a strong economic driver for the area.   It is estimated that the Nanaimo Airport activities contributes more than 700 direct and indirect jobs to the community in 2013.  A powerful economic engine for the region, YCD is expected to contribute $78 million annually to the local economy by 2016.

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