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Safety Updates

A safe and healthy workplace at Nanaimo Airport

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Helping its staff stay healthy during the pandemic reflects Nanaimo Airport’s commitment to its team. It’s also part of the airport’s commitment to passenger safety.

The airport introduced new workplace safety protocols when COVD-19 hit earlier this year. The measures support team members and reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. The protocols also help staff keep their families, as well as travellers, healthy and safe.

Some of the workplace actions include:

  • Additional disinfecting

Nanaimo Airport has dedicated more hours every day for enhanced cleaning. The janitorial team regularly disinfects high-touch surfaces, including tables, light switches and doorknobs.

  • Personal protective equipment

The airport provides masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for its employees. Staff wear masks when they can’t safely distance from other workers or the public. This includes the Air Terminal Building, hallways, stairways, meeting and lunch rooms (other than when eating) and shop facilities.

  • Plexiglas barriers

Barriers have been added to counters in the Air Terminal Building. This includes check-in counters, boarding gates, customer service counters and car rental counters. The barriers protect employees of the airport and its business partners, passengers and the public.

  • Sanitizing vehicles

Staff using company vehicles sanitize steering wheels, seatbelts, door handles, etc. They use a disinfectant spray or wipe. Masks are required when two or more people are in an airport vehicle.

  • Working from home

For appropriate positions, Nanaimo Airport accommodates employees working remotely. It ensures they have the tools and equipment needed to create a safe and functional home work space. This protocol is especially helpful for employees who have underlying health issues or are immune-compromised. It also helps protect their families.

  • Supporting employee wellness

The airport works with its team members to ensure they self-monitor for any signs of illness before every shift. Employees are directed to remain at home if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms.

Nanaimo Airport safety measures give travellers confidence

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As always, safety is Nanaimo Airport’s (YCD) top priority. The airport has taken additional safety and hygiene precautions to reduce the risk of spreading disease so people can travel with confidence.

Operating under federal jurisdiction, YCD facilitates air service that keeps critical supply lines open. Airports also play a key role in the country’s economic recovery. YCD connects businesses to their markets and helps to keep people employed.

To continue those essential roles, the airport’s COVID-19 action plan reduces risks for travellers, employees, business partners, contractors and other members of the YCD community.

Here’s what you can expect when using Nanaimo Airport:

·         Limited terminal access

To reduce risk to everyone, it’s important that only essential employees and travellers enter the terminal building. If you’re picking up or dropping someone off, please park in the short-term area immediately outside the terminal and wait in your vehicle. If you must go inside to assist someone, one person is allowed.

  • Carry a mask

For your safety, Nanaimo Airport requires everyone to wear a mask or face covering at all times in the terminal building.  Masks are required for all passengers during security screening, boarding, and during your flight. You may not be allowed to check-in or board your flight without one. (All passengers must also undergo a temperature check before boarding the aircraft.)

  • Increased sanitization

The airport has increased cleaning and disinfecting of common touch points such as luggage carts, gate counters and bathrooms. For your convenience, additional hand sanitizing units have been added throughout the terminal.

  • Social distancing barriers

Plexiglass barriers and 2-meter floor markings throughout the terminal help users maintain safe distancing. Nanaimo Airport’s roomy new departure lounge allows plenty of social distancing while you wait for your flight.

  • Online parking app

You can reduce touchpoints by using the Honk mobile app to pay for parking.

With airport support, aviation groups help our region

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Nanaimo Airport has for decades been the centre of Central Vancouver Island aviation. And by supporting the aviators of today and tomorrow, it will continue to lead the sector well into the future.

The airport is home to commercial airlines, private pilots and aviation buffs in the Nanaimo Flying Club, and the Mid-Island Air Search and Rescue volunteers. It also works with the next generation of aviators with area air cadet squadron.

The airport and the flying club were both born in 1942. Today the club has 130 members and serves as the meeting place for members, pilots and area aircraft owners. It hosts monthly fly-ins, drawing planes from around B.C. And it helps pilots keep up on their training. Members don’t have to own a plane; they can use a club-owned Cessna 172.

The flying club also supports the community. It offers an annual scholarship, for example. And it works with the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association’s COPA for Kids Aviation Program. Members take youths aged 8 to 17 on free demonstration flights to provide a motivational aviation experience.

Youth with an interest in flying also benefit from Nanaimo Airport’s support for 205 Collishaw Nanaimo air cadets. The airport host’s the squadron’s annual review as well as provided airspace for some of the island’s cadet glider training.

The cadets — aged 12 to 18 — take part in a variety of activities that helps them grow into the leaders of tomorrow.  They can also earn credits towards their secondary school graduation.

The airport, reflecting its focus on safety, is also home base for Mid Island Air Search and Rescue. The not-for-profit organization uses light aircraft and ground vehicles to serve the public. Volunteers help locate aircraft and missing hikers, boaters and back-country travelers.

Nanaimo Airport’s support for each of the organizations reflects its commitment to serving the communities in its region.