Parking Information

The Nanaimo Airport is a pay parking facility, offering long and short term vehicle parking as well as designated parking for persons with disabilities.

New Fast EV Charging stations Available

Nanaimo Airport Commission’s has responded to the vision of building a clean energy future and we are pleased to announce the completion of the installation of our new Fast electric Vehicle Charging Stations with funding help from the federal and provincial governments. 4 conveniently located charging stations may be found in the Main parking lot and North parking lot next to Car rentals.

Charging will be free to the public until July 2nd, 2021.

Please note that these stalls are reserved for Electric Vehicles only, and a time limit of 1 hour will be in effect.

Parking Payment Options

PAY BY PLATE PARKING IN EFFECT – Effective fall 2019 we became a pay by plate parking facility. We suggest you remember your licence plate number when heading to the pay kiosk. (hint…take a picture with your smart phone)

Parking tickets may be purchased from one of the four ticket dispensers located in the Departures Doorway in the main Terminal Building, the Main parking lot, and both the South and North Lots.

Payment options at the ticket kiosk are credit card or cash and ATM and change machines are available in the Terminal.

If your travel plans keep you away longer than expected, contact Airport Security at 250-245-7093 to arrange for a parking extension.

Parking Rates

Effective Dec 9,2021 the cost for parking at the Airport is $1.00/30 minutes or $12.00/day for the first 7 days and $8.00 per day for any additional days. For frequent flyers, annual passes are available for $750.00. (Please note there will be a rate increase Jan 1,2022). Please see Security or Customer Service for information and Annual Parking Pass Applications. Short term metered parking is available for passenger drop-off or pick-up.

Park & Pay by APP

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Parking Map

For a higher resolution, please download our PDF version Parking Map.

All vehicles that are parked, operated or driven on Nanaimo Airport property shall be solely at the risk of the owner and operator. Nanaimo Airport Commission and/or Robbins Parking shall not be liable for any theft or damage occurring to motor vehicles, vehicle contents, operators or other persons.