Meet Sunny Sam! Nanaimo Airport’s Unofficial Mascot.

A happy, easygoing frequent flier

  • His Mantra: Life’s always sunny when you’re above the clouds.
  • His Background: The most frequent flier you’ve ever known, Sunny Sam has amassed a ridiculous number points and knows every major airport inside and out. He packs light and is ready to fly on a moment’s notice. Thanks to Nanaimo Airport’s expanding service, he’s now able to fly easier than ever.
  • His attire: He totes a small carry-on bag and wears shoes that reveal his easy going personality and destination of the day: sandals, winter boots, rain boots, running shoes, dress shoes …
  • His savvy tips: His frequent travel makes him a savvy companion. He’s just been-there, done-that so he knows what’s new, hot and happening with every carrier, airport, destination – and shoe store.Follow Sunny Sam on Facebook!