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Starting the Conversation

June 6th, 2012 by Chris Elder

What does the word Airport mean to you? According to Wikipedia:

An airport is a location where aircraft such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and blimps take off and land. Aircraft may be stored or maintained at an airport. An airport consists of at least one surface such as a runway for a plane to take off and land, a helipad, or water for takeoffs and landings, and often includes buildings such as control towers, hangars and terminal buildings.

However, airports are so much more than that.  In fact, while ensuring environmental stewardship, the Nanaimo Airport is a regional economic generator and employer; plays an important role in island-wide transportation; and provides services that enhance the lives of all area residents.

“Our goal with this monthly article is to start a conversation with area residents.  We hope it will help them better understand our culture of safety, and the important role our airport plays in the region.” shares Mike Hooper, Nanaimo Airport CEO.

Studies across Canada have linked public airports to a host of community benefits.  In our regions, along with daily flight services connecting business and pleasure travellers to a worldwide network, the Nanaimo Airport contributes to the ongoing success of the communities it serves by:

  • Offering regular and reliable scheduled and charter air services
  • Accommodating medevac/ air ambulance flights for medical emergencies
  • Partnering with PEP on responsive disaster evacuation and recovery plans
  • Operating a base for Search and Rescue operations
  • Providing aerospace education, and cadet and glider flight training
  • Bringing increase business and commerce to the community
  • Facilitating timely courier and cargo flights for air transport dependent business
  • Hosting general aviation and recreational flyers
  • Benefiting airport compatible business operations and aircraft related suppliers

In future articles we will explore these community benefits and share insights into the ongoing operations at the Nanaimo Airport. We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions with us at Nanaimoairport.com by using the Send Feedback button on the homepage.

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