Time is Money

August 31st, 2011 by sandra

Business man calling from luggage claim area

Andre at the Nanaimo Airport

Time is money. And André Sullivan is in the business of making the most of both.

He’s a high net worth wealth manager who travels once a month to see clients in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Nanaimo Airport, he says, is the only way he could possibly see them all regularly. It’s quick and reliable – the most efficient way to stay connected.

The need for speed

André is the kind of guy who thinks fast, talks fast and insists on traveling fast. He doesn’t mince words and doesn’t waste time. He likes to be able to work right up until he boards his flight. Nanaimo Airport’s check-in is quicker than anywhere else he’s traveled, leaving him more time to check e-mails and make phone calls.

Reliability in a global village

One snowy, foggy day last year André was landing in Nanaimo. When he heard the wheels hit the ground he knew reliability had reached a whole new level with instrument landing technology. For him, it was reassurance that even as his client base grows he can still live where he wants – on an island.

“We’re becoming a global village,” he says. “Right out of our back yard we have access to that global village through Nanaimo Airport.”